Vilnius Film Cluster


Vilnius Film Cluster offers a broad range of film and TV production and rental services at truly competitive prices in Northern and Eastern Europe. Vilnius Film Cluster is an alliance of leading film and TV production and production services companies. The diversity in Cluster's members' expertise enables us to provide the client with full world-class service for any stage of production. VFC audiovisual laboratory offers the largest soundproof facilities in the Baltic states offers full and cost efficient service: 1100 m2 Sound Stage (floor area) First-rate Green Screen: 350 m2 green screen floor area; 9 m green screen hight. Also: Installed electric power: 145 kW (Projected electric power 225 kW); Fire alarm; Ventilation; Gas heating; The stage is equipment with water inlet and drainage outlet system; Technical cat walk at 11 meters above the stage floor; 4x4 m entrance gate; Heavy vehicle access; Security cameras; Wi-Fi; Make Up stations; Bathroom area; Wardrobe rooms; Offices and meeting rooms; Cafeteria; Availability 24/7; The best rates you will find in the Baltic region


Meistrų 12C, Vilnius
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Jūratė Pazikaitė

Jūratė Pazikaitė


+370 614 04696
Konstitucijos ave. 3-313, LT-09601, Vilnius