Vilnius film studio


PREMESIS: A 1500 Sq. m. filming studio; Utility rooms on 3 floors; 9 seperate spaces. ACCOMODATED FOR: Film production, Commercials, Manufacturing and filming TV productions FILMING GROUNDS: MAIN FILMING GROUND, 972 Sq. m., 45x24x9 m (increased inside sound isolation and absorption, possibility to divide grounds to different areas with curtains, heated with air, this way the area temperature is quickly obtained, polished concrete floor, can be adapted for different needs: spreading carpet cover, carry out assembling labour, assemble parquet floor and etc., 5 different entrances to the facility). THE SMALL FILMING GROUND, 90 Sq. m.(increased outside sound isolation and inside aborbation characteristics, possibility to simultaneously work at both filming grounds, accomodated for small video projects and photo productions, entrance through the main filming ground).


Ežero 2B,
Antežerių k., Zujūnų sen., Vilniaus r. sav.
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Jūratė Pazikaitė

Jūratė Pazikaitė


+370 614 04696
Konstitucijos ave. 3-313, LT-09601, Vilnius