Several cinemas in Vilnius offer the audience special repertoires or a highly entertaining atmosphere. Would you like to know where to watch movies for unique experiences and content? We invite you to explore the best film screening venues and the most unusual cinemas in the Lithuanian capital. Let’s start our tour from the “Hexa Cinema”.

The virtual reality film theatre “Hexa Cinema” offers the VR cinema option. The brand has branches in various Lithuanian towns, including the capital city. In Vilnius “Hexa Cinema” is located in the Raduškevičius Palace, Kalvarijų St. 1. The building is well known to Vilnius residents as the Lithuanian Chamber of Architects headquarters. The cinema can accommodate up to 20 viewers, and each screening lasts about half an hour.

“Hexa Cinema” brings its clients the most advanced VR technologies in the world. Thanks to them, the 360-degree sense of space allows viewers to experience the future format of the highest quality cinema.

Virtual reality film theater “Hexa Cinema” | Credits: “Hexa Cinema”

According to “Hexa Cinema” owner and film producer Žilvinas Naujokas, the entertainment industry is changing rapidly because of technological progress. “We have been working in the Lithuanian film market for years. With the growing interest in virtual reality entertainment and this type of content in Lithuania, we realized that people are hungry for new experiences and modern art forms. So, we decided to open a venue for a new-generation cinema and promote VR cinema. We are currently offering the audience two productions, and in the autumn we are introducing another virtual reality cinema experience focused on families and children.”

Virtual reality film theater “Hexa Cinema” | Credits: “Hexa Cinema”
Virtual reality film theater “Hexa Cinema” | Credits: “Hexa Cinema”

Virtual reality technologies give us the possibility to feel part of the film, immerse ourselves in a different world, escape everyday worries, and the stories being told on screen differently. After a film session, people are often overwhelmed, deeply moved emotionally, and very impressed. This is an impactful format that gets the best reviews from people of all ages: from schoolchildren to the elderly.

At the moment, “Hexa Cinema” is showing only Lithuanian films, however, in the future, we hope to present the works of foreign filmmakers as well – we hope that more and more films will be made in Lithuania, as well as all over the world. Our cinemas are also adapted for closed screenings, various events, viewings of private VR content, and live “bridges” of virtual reality broadcasts.

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