Crew United, the leading online platform connecting filmmakers across Europe, is thrilled to announce the launch in Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, and Lithuania. The highly anticipated expansion marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to foster collaboration and cooperation within the European audiovisual industries. These new language versions on the platform will join the already established ones in German, French, Polish and English. The European development of Crew United is once again supported by the Creative Europe – MEDIA program.

For over 27 years, Crew United has been at the forefront of creating a European community of filmmakers. It provides a platform that enables film professionals to:

  • introduce themselves and their filmography
  • access a wide talent pool and reach out to freelancers, actors and production companies
  • expand their professional network
  • find job offers across Europe
  • explore funding opportunities
  • stay updated on industry trends
  • gain valuable insights into local labour regulations

“We are thrilled to launch Crew United in Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, and Lithuania, taking another step towards our goal of strengthening the film industry in all European countries and connecting all European filmmakers,” says Oliver Zenglein, the Co-Founder and CEO of Crew United. “We aim to create a more diverse, transparent, and inclusiv film industry by addressing growing challenges – such as ecological sustainability and social awareness, working conditions, shortage of skilled workers and the impact of AI – through systematic mediation on an international level”.

Each country launch will be supported by a dedicated team of native-speaking experts who are deeply ingrained in the local film industries. These teams will establish partnerships with film organizations, associations, and film commissions in their respective countries, ensuring a tailored and collaborative approach to address each market’s specific needs and challenges.

“We connect people to make great films together, but we also connect them so that together they are more organized, stronger, aware of their rights and informed,” adds Irena Gruca-Rozbicka, coordinator of the European development at Crew United. “By creating Crew United Europe, we are responding to the audiovisual industry’s growing needs but above all; we are guided by our responsibility to shape it in a healthy direction”.

With over 44,000 active members already on board, the expansion to these new countries is expected to substantially increase membership and strengthen the European network of filmmakers.The launch of Crew United in Italy, Spain, Greece, Romania, and Lithuania is of utmost importance for the local audiovisual industries. For the first time, up-to-date and verified information on the experience and qualifications of filmmakers will be accessible and displayed in one place. The platform’s expansion will foster a more effective, well-organized, and transparent filming environment, beneficial for both individual professionals and the industry.

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