Drone filming

In Lithuania, permits for drone filming are issued and coordinated by the Transport Competence Agency.

Drones are prohibited from flying in the air traffic areas of airports and aerodromes, above strategic objects, in the border area, and in other restricted areas – maps of no-fly areas

It is only possible to fly in restricted areas with the permission of the owner of the restricted area. Without a permit to fly in airport areas, such flights are considered a serious breach of flight safety. Such an infringement shall be subject to a fine for the first time, a fine for the second time, and the compulsory confiscation of the unmanned aircraft.

If you want to pilot a drone over densely populated areas and closer than 50 m from outsiders and objects, then you need a special permit. There are two conditions for obtaining it: to have a technically tidy drone and to pass the drone control skills examination.

Drone control skills exam:
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Here are some companies (the list is not final) that provide professional filming and aerial photography services in Vilnius: