Vaidilos Theater, located near Gediminas Avenue, on A. Jakšto Street, is characterized by neo-Gothic architecture and has a very unique history. These spaces are often chosen for filming.

The house was built in the 19th century and was designed by the architect Mikhail Prozorov, who later settled here with his family. The architect’s family owned 14 rooms, and the rest of the rooms were rented out to shops and the railway club. After some time, premises were rented in the building for meetings of the intelligentsia and theatre performances. 

In 1930, actor and director Juozas Kanopka and other students founded the drama section of the Vilnius Lithuanian Union, and in 1939-1944 the theater was known as “Flying Vaidila”. The drama theater building was damaged during World War II, but was later rebuilt.

After the restoration of the building in 2015, the Vaidila theater came to life, now it is proud of its beautiful inner courtyard and a theater hall with important historical value, where various events are held.

Vaidila theater stands out for its cinematography – a large space, auxiliary rooms, columns and balconies, as well as, exterior, often fulfill various artistic ideas of filmmakers.

Photo credits: Lukas Šalna
Photo credits: Lukas Šalna

2015 metais restauravus pastatą, Vaidilos teatras atgijo, dabar jis didžiuojasi savo gražiu vidiniu kiemu bei svarbią istorinės vertę turinčia teatro sale, kurioje vyksta įvairūs renginiai. 

Vaidilos teatras išsiskiria savo kinematografiškumu – didelė erdvė, pagalbinės patalpos, kolonos ir balkonėliai, taip pat pastato eksterjeras neretai išpildo įvairius meninius kino kūrėjų sumanymus.

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